Propet Women’s Julene

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If ever there was a casual shoe that delivered a perfect combination of looks and comfort, it’s this one.

Julene, by Propet, has everything you can possibly want from a women’s casual footwear. It delivers on style and nails it on the substance. It has the oomph, the verve, the gusto, and the free-spiritedness that makes the shoe exciting in an increasingly industrial and mechanical world. It’s just adorable.

But this cute little shoe packs a powerful punch when it comes to delivering on quality. It does what you don’t expect and goes far, way far beyond just being a good looking shoe. It is surprisingly durable, refreshingly comfortable, and excitingly innovative.

And that’s the general aura of the shoe. The specifics are even better than the generics. It’s extremely lightweight and easy to carry. This makes it your perfect casual companion as it fits like a glove and you can spend long hours in it without ever feeling bothered by its weight or feel.

Julene is designed in a way to work in all other conditions. It keeps your feet reasonably warm in the winters. But it works its real magic in the summers. The design maximizes the shoe’s breathability which is all you need when out for a walk in the sun.

And it’s not just about keeping your feet cool in the summers. It also maximizes the health of your feet and prevents odor. Protecting the health of your feet goes far beyond keeping them dry. Julene understands that and offers comfort and support as well.

Here are some of the features of the shoe:

  • Full-grain sheep leather surface with cutouts for breathability and comfort.
  • The outsole has leather lining which provides maximum durability.
  • The PU outsole is extremely lightweight and enhances the shoe’s stability and traction.
  • The hook and loop strap maximizes adjustability.
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Propet Julene Mary Jane


Product Description

Cushion your stride with Propet’s Julene Mary Jane. With perforated details and an adjustable hook and loop strap, this is the ideal shoe for comfort and style.

  • Leather lining
  • Perforated details
  • Adjustable hook and loop strap
Heel Height: 1″
Fit: True to Size
Outsole: Polyurethane
Upper: Full Grain Sheep Leather

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Beige, Navy


Xwide Womens ( E )

Womens US Sizes

10 US, 101/2 US, 11 US, 5 US, 51/2 US, 6 US, 61/2 US, 7 US, 71/2 US, 8 US, 81/2 US, 9 US, 91/2 US


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